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"As my doctor and a family doctor I would recommend him to anyone. His treatment of myself and my sons has been exceptional..."

-J, Blackmans Bay 
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Julian and Margaret | Print |  E-mail
"Our family has been disgusted with the way Dr Lad has been treated as he has provided us with nothing but professionalism as both Doctor and Family Friend."

-Julian and Margaret
Bijay and Gita of Dandenong | Print |  E-mail
"Dr Ulhas Lad has been in the medical profession practising in Australia for more then 30 years, he has a beautiful family, he is always there to help his community in need and is well respected in various circles. His medical and spiritual work have earned him respect from people of all walks of life."

-Bijay and Gita, Dandenong
Ike of Tinderbox | Print |  E-mail
"I have known Dr Ulhas Lad since since 1974. He is my doctor for more than fifteen years.  Accusations against him are completely out of character for the man and doctor I know."

-Ike, Tinderbox
Karen, Greg and Family | Print |  E-mail
"We as a family have the UTMOST FAITH AND RESPECT in Dr Ulas Lad & Dr Geeta Lad.  Hold in there Dr Lad you and your family will get through this. Hold together and your love and support for each other will get you over this terrible time."

-Karen, Greg and Family
John of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"Dr Lad has always fitted me in when I have wanted to see him as my job doesn't always allow me to make a set appointment. He tended my mother for as many years and looked after her at all hours of the day and night until such time she had to go into a home."

-John, Blackmans Bay
Kate | Print |  E-mail
"I hope that this will be of some assistance if not reassurance that you have both been wonderful doctors for me and my daughter over the last 5 years and that with all the media hype it has not swayed me from seeing you both for medical advice and treatment for my family as I have no reason to believe that these allegations are true."

Kathleen & Michael of Kingston Beach. | Print |  E-mail
"To thank you both for your care of our family over the past 16 years, you have both always been kind, considerate and professional when dealing with any health problems within our family, we wish to offer our support to you both at this difficult time."

-Kathleen & Michael, Kingston Beach.
Kay of Smithton | Print |  E-mail
"When you were in Smithton, I could not speak more highly of you and the way you looked after all my family, especially my father, Bob .... Since you left, I feel the community has not had a "Family Doctor"."

-Kay, Smithton
Dr Udayan Ray of Hobart | Print |  E-mail
"Our family have found Drs Ulhas and Geeta Lad to be helpful, very professional, kind, caring and with a pleasant disposition... Dr Ulhas Lad is well known within the medical fraternity and is held in high regard by his peers."

-Dr Udayan Ray, Hobart
Dr Udayan Ray, Royal Hobart Hospital | Print |  E-mail
"Dr Ulhas Lad is well known within the medical fraternity and is held in high regard by his peers."

- Dr Udayan Ray, Royal Hobart Hospital

Ken | Print |  E-mail
"Dr.Lad has been my Doctor for over 20 years and saved my life in 1998 when he found that I had heart problems...I would not be alive today that the quick action of Dr.Lad to send me for heart surgery tests which saved my life......"

Joe | Print |  E-mail
"i have never met a doctor more dedicated to his patients on several occasions we have called upon his services after hours and have never once been turned away.dr lad has been a great help to me personaly with the loss of my father and at every chance asking how my whole family is coping through these tough times."

Denise of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"Both Mr. and Mrs. Lad have been committed professionals who have dedicated their lives to the well being of the Blackman’s Bay and Kingston community."

-Denise of Blackmans Bay
Michael of Kingston | Print |  E-mail
"[Dr. Ulhas Lad] was always very good to me, and I will always remember when he generously offered to pay for me to go to England and pursue my cricket career... I never went unfortunately, but will always remember his kind generosity."

-Michael, Kingston
Jill of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"Dr Ulhas Lad has been my personal and family Doctor since 1993.  He has helped me through many personal crises and health related situations during this time."
- Jill of Blackmans Bay
Brett of Kingston | Print |  E-mail
"I hope these allegations are dealt with quickly so life can return to normal for you and your family and you can spend your time with your patients instead of in court."
-Brett of Kingston
Lesley of Battery Point | Print |  E-mail
"I, along with my two children (now adults)  have been patients of their practice for approx 22 years and have always found Ulhas totally dedicated and professional."
- Lesley of Battery Point
Beatrice, Keith and Linda of Smithton | Print |  E-mail
"[to their children]... we give all our hopes and regards to your mum and dad for the future."

-Beatrice, Keith and Linda of Smithton
Lloyd and Joan | Print |  E-mail
"You have served the Kingborough community as general practitioners tirelessly, with merit and a duty of care which we hold in great esteem.  May we go on record to thank you for your sterling work and friendship, long may it continue."

-Lloyd and Joan
Lyn | Print |  E-mail
"I would like to let you know that my whole family are supporting you and we all hope that you will soon be able to put it behind you and move on."

Terence & Madeline | Print |  E-mail
"We wish to express our total support for Ulas, Geeta and  family in this stressful time they are going through, and hope that the case will be resolved quickly."

-Terence & Madeline
Fatiha | Print |  E-mail
"Toutes mes pensées et mes prières seront avec vous. Que la vérité éclate et fasse que le Dr LAD soit lavé de tout soupçon afin qu'il retrouve ainsi que les siens tout l'honneur qui leur est dû INCHA ALLAH"

Denis | Print |  E-mail
"As a patient you have only ever shown me professionalism as excellent caring Doctors and you are both to be congratulated on the outstanding and hardworking Doctors for the community of Blackmans Bay and Kingston."

Phil of Summerleas | Print |  E-mail
"Without a doubt Dr Lad is the best GP I have been a patient of. He is thorough, professional and extremely easy to discuss matters of a personal nature and I continue to have full confidence in him."

-Phil, Summerleas
A and D of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"I cannot speak more highly of the professional manner and respect that has been afforded to all of my family by these hard working community conscious doctors. Drs Lad are respected and are held in high regard by my family and throughout our community. "

-A and D, Blackmans Bay
Merlene | Print |  E-mail
"The only complaint I can make is that consultation times are brief, mainly because he is so busy. There is always a surgery full of people, which must surely demonstrate that both Dr's are popular and respected."

Michelle | Print |  E-mail
"I would like this opportunity to say that I know you are a fantastic Doctor who is extremely professional and caring and you have mine and my husband Tai's full support throughout this trying time. Stay positive!"

Dr N.Husain of Hobart | Print |  E-mail
"[Dr. Ulhas Lad] is a man of strong character and ethical values both socially and professionaly kind always helpful a through gentlleman. i had jointly treated many many patients and there was never any complaints all spoke very highly and full of praise of his manners and attitude."

- Dr N.Husain, Hobart
Patrick and Christine | Print |  E-mail
"Ulhas and Geeta Lad have been our family doctors for the last seventeen years. They have always treated us with the utmost of professional integrity and have gone out of their way, on a number of occasions, to be available outside normal hours for emergencies."

-Patrick and Christine
Gwenyth of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"I have 4 sisters and we all saw Ulas in our teenage years and as young women. Never during all this time have I had any reason to doubt his professionalism."

-Gwenyth, Blackmans Bay
Paulette and Garry of Kingston | Print |  E-mail
"I could not imagine Kingston without the Lads as they are an integral part of the community.  They have become friends over the years and were very supportive to us in our recent time of need."

-Paulette and Garry, Kingston
Pauline of Mount Nelson | Print |  E-mail
"Athough I do not know them personally, I have heard of the wonderful work both Dr's have done over the years.......the caring way in which they have treated their patients,& the expert medical knowledge they both have."

-Pauline, Mount Nelson
Peter and family | Print |  E-mail
"We as a family would like to offer you our full support. You have been our family doctor for 18 odd years and have found you to be completely professional at all times,and cannot believe the alagations made against you to be true."

-Peter and family
Ranjan of Sandy Bay | Print |  E-mail
"I am writing to express the support of me and my family for the Lads in these trying times for them. Having known Dr. Lad for the best part of a decade, I find the allegations that I have read in The Mercury quite absurd."

-Ranjan, Sandy Bay
Renee | Print |  E-mail
"i would just like the whole of the lad family my support at this time and i will continue calling you as my doctors."

AH and family of Sandy Bay | Print |  E-mail
"Ulhas and Geeta provide such an invaluable medical service to a large community, and are very genuine people that really care with the people they deal with. They are highly respected within the Tasmanian community as a friend and professional medical image."

-AH and family, Sandy Bay
Bob and Robyne of Snug | Print |  E-mail
"We have always found your manner very professional. I sincerely hope you will return to full practise soon."

-Bob and Robyne, Snug
AR & RW of Allenís Rivulet | Print |  E-mail
"This letter is to give our full support to Geeta and Ulhas Lad, they have been our family doctors for the past 15 + years."

-AR & RW, Allen’s Rivulet
Veronica, Stephen, Julia and Zoe of Kingston | Print |  E-mail
"Your family support only proves to us and to our community what wonderful characters you all are and what beautiful, strong family values you have within your family unit."

-Veronica, Stephen, Julia and Zoe, Kingston
Joseph | Print |  E-mail
"once again dr lad thanks and hang in there, there are many people on your side and you have my full support 100%."

Sankar | Print |  E-mail
"Being a clinician I am fully aware what you are going through and I am confident that you will come out of this terrible smear campaign with glory as Sita in Ramayan came out from the fire having proved her innocence."

Sharon of Howden | Print |  E-mail
"I could not recommend [Drs. Geeta and Ulhas Lad] highly enough as caring medical practitioners and as outstanding members of the community."

-Sharon, Howden
Neil and Sheryn | Print |  E-mail
"saddly there is not enough dr.like you. we have never heard a bad thing about you. i reckon every one that knew you up here believes in you."

-Neil, Sheryn
Todd of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"Dr. Lad has always been my family’s Doctor and will continue to be. I’ve always found him a man of integrity and serving the people of the community."

-Todd, Blackmans Bay
Steve and Jenny | Print |  E-mail
"Dr Lad has only ever shown true professionalism as we expect from a general practitioner.  It would truly sad to see such a wonderful and dedicated doctor forced to leave a very successful and trustworthy practice in Blackmans Bay."

-Steve and Jenny
Sumit | Print |  E-mail
"you have my support in everyway."

Jill and Tim | Print |  E-mail
"We only wish that there were more doctors of Dr Lads calibre who are prepared to dedicate their lives to caring for their patients. Always professional."

-Jill and Tim
Bronwyn and Kim | Print |  E-mail
"We would also like Dr Lad to know that when we return from the United Kingdom that we will DEFINATLY be going back to his surgery without a doubt in the world."

-Bronwyn and Kim
Anne of Tinderbox | Print |  E-mail
"We have been grateful for the competent and professional care we have received that has been delivered with a genuine concern for our wellbeing.  We have always considered ourselves fortunate to have access to this faultless service."

-Anne, Tinderbox
Chris & Lisa, Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"The quality of service, patience and understanding shown to all members of our family by both Dr’s has always been outstanding and much appreciated by ourselves and indeed my parents who have also been regular attendees to the Lad’s surgery."

-Chris & Lisa, Blackmans Bay
Dinesh, Mount Nelson | Print |  E-mail
"Ulhas is truly a man of great social values who has never looked back to help anybody in need. His success for being the gifted doc is because of his concern to help people and his deep sense of responsibility for his patients."

- Dinesh, Mount Nelson
Saleh, Endeavour Hills, Victoria | Print |  E-mail
"Dr Lad’s friendly and sympathetic approach towards others either in his professional duties or socially has attracted many people of different cultures and faiths, locally and nationally, as his friends. He is a trustworthy man of excellent human qualities and I am proud to have him as a friend."

-Saleh, Endeavour Hills, Victoria
Ami of New Delhi | Print |  E-mail
"Having known [the Lad] family for such a long span of time, I can stand up and vouch for your unblemished character and professional conduct as a medical service provider."

-Ami, New Delhi
Kavita and Ashwani | Print |  E-mail
"We have always been impressed with [Dr. Ulhas Lad's] professionalism and sincerity which when mixed with his kind and jovial nature make his consultations a breeze."

-Kavita and Ashwani
Athleen of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"From a selfish point of view where would we go if the Lads moved away from their practice.  The amount of people that would be affected by the possibilty of this is huge... Ulhas has a good sense of humour and a caring nature,and these are the qualitys in a doctor that are very hard to come by and he has seen us through many ups and downs in our life."

-Athleen, Blackmans Bay
Sharon of Kingston | Print |  E-mail
"Both Mr & Mrs Lad are and have been great doctors to the kinborough population and me and my family and extended family for many years.....I could not say a bad word about them."

-Sharon, Kingston
Brett and Val | Print |  E-mail
"In all of our dealings with the Lads, we have had nothing but the utmost respect for their personal and professional conduct. They have been exemplary family doctors."

-Brett and Val
Cathy of Claremont | Print |  E-mail
"I have known Doctor Lad and his wife for the past twenty years. i have never had a better doctor who took good care of me and my family he was not only a doctor to me but a good friend to talk with in times of need."

-Cathy, Claremont
Jarrod | Print |  E-mail
"Hey, I just wanted to say good luck Doctor Lad and all the best for whatever happens."

Drew and June | Print |  E-mail
"My wife and I have been patients of Dr Lad for over six years. During this time we have received nothing but professional care and totally ethical conduct."

-Drew and June
David and Vida of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"My son and I have been patients of Drs. Lad for a number of years and in that time we have found them to be most caring and dedicated; they work very hard and are well respected."

-David and Vida, Blackmans Bay
David | Print |  E-mail
"I have been a patient of Dr Lad's for some 15 years now. Despite living interstate I always make sure I go see him when down in blackmans bay. He is professional in everyway, he knows his stuff more than most doctors I have seen and would never hesitate seeing him again."

Donna | Print |  E-mail
"Ulhas and Geeta have been my dotcor's for approx 7 or so years after transferring from .... I have always respected both of them and consider them to be like a 'friend' as well as my doctor. When and if I see them out and about within our community they will always say hello and how are you etc."

Amol and Tejaswini of Burnie | Print |  E-mail
"We have no doubt that these are false allegations, and would like to extend our support & best wishes in your fight to prove it."

-Amol and Tejaswini, Burnie
R.P. | Print |  E-mail
"I have come to admire in you the qualities of honesty, integrity and a character based on moral values. Your total devotion to your wife Geeta and your 2 children has not gone un- noticed in the community."

Dusty | Print |  E-mail
"hold your head high you will always have our support you have saved me twice."

Libby of Newtown | Print |  E-mail
"We have been patients of Dr Lads for over 20 years, and in that time have always found him to be a caring compasionate doctor and at all times has been been there when needed. When our son ... was diagnosed with .... Dr Lad was our rock at this difficult time, Dr Lad has at all times been there for our entire family."

-Libby, Newtown
Geoff and Family of Smithton | Print |  E-mail
"As a patient, client and friend in Smithton in the 70s and early 80s I find these allegations impossible to believe as Ulas and Geeta were always there for any one who needed them at any time of the night or day. Your empathy and understanding to all your clients was unsurpassed and I am confident that would not have changed with your move to Blackman's Bay."

-Geoff and Family, Smithton
Graeme of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"We have always found Uhlas to be honest and trustworthy both as a Doctor and a friend. His quirky sense of humour has always made trips to the Doctor much more enjoyable than they would otherwise have been. We all offer our full support to the Lad family."

-Graeme of Blackmans Bay
Greer | Print |  E-mail
"Personally, I have always enjoyed your Dad's company - and your Mum's. They are both such lovely, friendly, giving and considerate people. "

Greg and Michelle of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"Ulhas and Geeta Lad have been our family Doctors since moving to Blackmans Bay in 1999.  They have provided professional medical care in a friendly, sensitive manner."

-Greg and Michelle, Blackmans Bay
Julie of Kingston | Print |  E-mail
"I just want to say that my family and I have been patients of Dr Lad and his wife, and on most occasions I saw Mr Lad, and often visited in my shorts as was on my way to or from a walk, and found in no way or form any thing that would have worried me, he was always professional towards me, and always had the time to sit and listen to my problems."

-Julie, Kingston
Jane of Howden | Print |  E-mail
"Drs Ulahs and Geeta Lad have been our family doctors for the past 15 years. We have never felt uncomfortable during our consultations with Ulahs and have always found him very caring and understanding and enjoy his friendly personality."

-Jane, Howden
Jason | Print |  E-mail
"Let it be known, that I have known both Drs Lad since moving into the area in 2001 and have never known either of them to act unprofessionally in any way. To the contary, they are the best doctors I have known in my life - I am so glad that real doctors like the Lads exist. They have always been there for me, when I needed them the most."

A.R. of Kingston | Print |  E-mail
"I am a young 25 year old woman who has been now seeing both he and his wife as my doctors for approx 3 years and have always found Dr U Lad a wonderful doctor who is more than happy to help and listen. I could not imagine any of these allegations been proven true."

-A.R., Kingston
Jill | Print |  E-mail
"I was very fond of all of you, and enjoyed a professional working relationship with Ulhas and Geeta, as well as a friendship. We had many fun times, and I must say that I NEVER found Ulhas to be unprofessional in any way. His patients and staff had the utmost respect for him."

Jim and Meryl | Print |  E-mail
"[Dr. Ulhas Lad] has been our family dr along with geeta for nearly 20 years and he is a friend of mine who has always been there when needed.  Ulhas has always acted professionally and you have our full family support at this time."

-Jim and Meryl
John of Perth | Print |  E-mail
"I have known of your father for many years including the period he worked in Smithton. I have ALSO treated patients HE has treated and can corroborate that there has NEVER been a negative story "relayed on" in relation to his practice."

-John, Perth
Kevin of Blackmans Bay | Print |  E-mail
"[Dr. Ulhas Lad's] ready availability and empathy is so very different from other GPs that I have met. I expect that his interest in the patient, together with a quirky sense of humour, has been misunderstood by some individuals. I do not accept the concerns that have been raised."

-Kevin, Blackmans Bay
Joshua and family | Print |  E-mail
"We have known Dr Ulhas & Geeta Lad for over 18 years and have found them to be honest, caring, and professional people... Dr Lad is a great doctor and a friend to many."

-Joshua and family
Wendy of Queensland | Print |  E-mail
"As a former patient of both Drs Geeta & Ulhas Lad while in Smithton I wish to offer my support to them & their children at this distressing time. When I moved briefly to Hobart I sought out these caring Drs even though I had to drive 1 hr to their surgery."

-Wendy, Queensland
Judy and Stephen of Sorell | Print |  E-mail
"We have moved from the Blackmans Bay area to the Sorell area, but still insist that the Drs Lad are the only medical practitioners that we want to see. We feel the travelling (over 30 mins) to get to the surgery is well worth it... We have no hesitation in recommending them to any person seeking exceptional medical care and wish the family all our support, thanks and good wishes during this trying time."

-Judy and Stephen, Sorell
Julian and Margaret | Print |  E-mail
"Our family has been disgusted with the way Dr Lad has been treated as he has provided us with nothing but professionalism as both Doctor and Family Friend."

-Julian and Margaret
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